Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Last week, Mashable.com listed 100 writers who are active on Twitter. Guess who they totally left out? Yep, poets. Laurel Snyder, a fantastic poet, got a mention, but because of her writing for young adults and children. I know many of you aren't on Twitter, don't want to be on Twitter, don't understand the purpose of Twitter, etc. Basically, Twitter is micro-blogging 140 characters at a time. It works on the same basis as Facebook updates, but is faster and more convenient. You can post "tweets" from your computer, your mobile phone, etc. 

I've got more than 600 folks following my stream and more join every day. I didn't get it either when I joined last summer, but I do now. Twitter's strength, for me, is supplying quick and useful links and news I can use. If you'll remember, it was Twitter that broke the news that Amazon had de-ranked GLBT books and made it a hot news item. 

As a poet and soon-to-be-novelist, I've found Twitter to be helpful. So, because Mashable couldn't or wouldn't, here's a list of 40 poets who are active on Twitter. A few caveats for this list: I only included the poet if they've updated in the last couple of months. Use it or delete it is my motto. I'm sure I've missed some folks. Please note them in the comments and I will update the list.

Karen Head: @poetphd
Jackie Sheeler: @jsheeler
Laurel Snyder: @laurelsnyder
Didi Menendez: @mipoesias
Charles Jensen: @chasjens
Amena Brown: @amenabee
Montgomery Maxton: @montmaxton
Kate Evans: @kateevanswriter
Karen Wurl: @kittenofpower
Dustin Brookshire: @dbrookshire
Andrew Demcak: @andrewdemcak
Ron Silliman: @ronsilliman
Christopher Hennessy: @outsider_lines
Nancy Devine: @nancydevine
Robert Lee Brewer: @robertleebrewer
Matthew Hittinger: @mhittinger
Christine Swint: @yoginipoet
Oliver de la Paz: @Oliver_delaPaz
Zinta Aistars: @zintaaistars
Tara Betts: @tarabetts
Pris Campbell: @pris2000
Nic Sebastian: @verylikeawhale
Mary Biddinger: @marybid
Deborah Ager: @clickwisdom
Rosemary Nissen-Wade: @snakypoet
Emily Lloyd: @elloyd74
Jon Goode: @jongoode
Emily Benton: @emilyabenton
Cheryl Snell: @cherylsnell
Shann Palmer: @shannpalmer
Daniel Nester: @danielnester
JS van Buskirk: @JSvanBuskirk
Jilly Dybka: @jilly
Vanessa Daou: @vanessadaou
Anne Haines: @annehaines
Amy King: @amyhappens
Stacie Boschma: @stacieboschma
Christian Bok: @christianbok
Ivy Alvarez: @ivyalvarez
Collin Kelley: @collinkelley

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